Non Uniform: Sponsored Walk & Litter Pick

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För en bättre värld och ett starkare FN!

Non Uniform: Sponsored Walk & Litter Pick

All Tanto staff and pupils are invited to wear non school uniform on Monday October 23rd. The children in Year 4-7 have asked to be sponsored by friends and family as they will take part in a sponsored walk. Please decide on an amount and swish that amount after they have completed the walk. Children in Year 1-3 will collect litter in our local area to support a better environment. Please add any donation for their hard work with this too.
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  • Anonym Anonym gav 50 kr

  • Harikrishna  Korlepara Harikrishna Korlepara gav 50 kr

    Great initiative

  • Mo Andjedani Mo Andjedani gav 300 kr

  • Nawras Naji Svenska FN-förbundet
    Wow! Great job more than doubling your fundraising goals! Once again: Thank you for your efforts and contributions for a sustainable future! Your support means a lot :) /Nawras at UNA Sweden
  • Birgitta Martin Birgitta Martin gav 100 kr

  • Krithik Mahesh Krithik Mahesh gav 100 kr

    Donation for the better and sustainable future

  • Chirurgus AB Chirurgus AB gav 1 000 kr

    The importance of the UN, especially in the current days of unrest can not be underestimated. Good going kids!

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    For Noah Syrenn and Liam Syren at the Tanto International School Walk

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  • Fredrika  Syren Fredrika Syren gav 300 kr

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    For our future world 🌍

  • Darshan  Rajivgandhi Darshan Rajivgandhi gav 100 kr

    Everyone should get a good health and education. I am very happy donate, thanks 😊